Strategic Advisor

Daniela Gotzmann

Human Resources Director / Interim Manager with over 20 years of experience working for Polish and international companies, both in sales, services, and production. Designing future organizations, their development, and supporting change management activities have led to an increase in organizational efficiency and defined KPIs. She played a key role in mass layoffs and voluntary departure programs. She searched for and developed talents, also for global functions, for international organizations. Creating concepts for development programs, training activities, and particularly working with talents is her passion. As a business trainer, Daniela has many years of experience in designing, conducting training and workshops, facilitating, and moderating meetings. She managed teams, both locally in Poland and internationally, particularly in the area of training and development, and operationally supported global functions such as sales & marketing, product development, finance, and supply chain.

She is a Certified GROWING PAINS STRATEGY® Advisor.