Strategic Advisor

Tomasz Kaczmarek

Manager, advisor. Tomasz is an operational director with over twenty years of experience. He built an organization from scratch that currently employs 750 people and has 14 branches in Poland.

He created operational structures in Russia and Ukraine. He audited operational processes in the largest European branch of a company in London. He planned and executed the two largest information management projects in Poland. He operationally managed the largest clients in the insurance, banking, consulting, and retail industries. He managed a cost budget of 10 million USD annually. He optimized purchasing processes with the largest suppliers (optimizations at the level of 0.5 million USD) and operational activities (savings at the level of 1.5 million USD).

Tomek is a graduate of the University of Natural and Human Sciences in Siedlce with a degree in Management and Marketing, specializing in Business Management. Tomek is a Prince Practitioner project management certified. He is a Certified GROWING PAINS STRATEGY® Advisor.