Strategic Advisor

Tomasz Kanarkowski

Manager with over 20 years of experience. Managed medium and large operational and sales structures at Kolporter SA and Impel SA. In practice and in the real life of a manager, he created: strategies and strategic plans, cost accounting models, budget models and budgets at the branch and company level, motivational systems for subordinate managers and employees, job descriptions and structures, and many other necessary tools in a manager’s daily work.

Effectively combines management theory with practice.

As a business advisor, he has implemented around 150 consulting and implementation projects in the SME sector in the following areas:

  • strategic management: values, mission, vision, strategy maps, strategic and operational plans, marketing and sales strategies,
  • operational management – creating concepts and implementing management systems such as budgeting, managerial reporting, internal communication, structures and positions, agile process management (SCRUM), rewarding systems, customer experience management.

He has the ability to take a holistic view of the organization from a “bird’s-eye view”. He can simultaneously perceive many aspects of the company’s functioning, which is extremely important in the creative process of developing a strategy.

He has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. He gained his knowledge and managerial experience working for several years at Kolporter SA and Impel SA. He has attended many management training programs including at the French Management Institute, ICAN Management and the Controlling Academy. He constantly updates his knowledge by participating in further training courses and reading business literature.