Our Advisors support will bring you the following benefits:

Independent, objective assessment

Support rendered by Advisors with 20+ years of experience

Precise, mathematically measured methods for bottlenecks identification

Quick diagnostics process

Practical conclusions and change priorities

Ready to use change recommendations

More about the methodology

The methodology has been improved for the last 40 years and used by the biggest global companies as well as tested on 30 000+ companies globally.

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Audits we do

At the beginning of cooperation with a new Client we observe carefully the organisation, its core fields, processes and resources. We work on the basis of the Growing Pains Strategy® methodology which helps us to set up the diagnostics process in the way it will be executed seamless and quickly. The audit process wont overload your employees much and the conclusions are going to be practical and ready-to-use.

Sales and marketing Audit

We assess carefully the sales and marketing field of your company. We observe it from couple of crucial perspectives which show where are the biggest bottlenecks on the way to gain more incomes and margins.

Financial Audit

We assess the financial area of your organisation. We identify the level of process professionalization and its’ adequacy to the companys’ size and growth pace. We verify factors which can have an impact on your cashflow level and can assist the process of capital needs assessment.

Technology Audit

We can carry out diagnostics processes which will check the effectiveness of the technology backend supporting your management daily routines.