Empirically proven
The tools have been empirically proven; their effectiveness is confirmed by over 40 years of research and implementations resulting in successes of businesses.

The tools have been empirically proven; their effectiveness is confirmed by over 30 years of research and implementations resulting in successes of businesses. The methodology is presented in well-known publications, translated into many languages, published by prestigious international universities, including Stanford University, Oxford University and Cambridge University.

This approach has been implemented in the largest global companies. Currently, Inventity Foundation is implementing the Growing Pains® methodology in Poland.

Phase 1. Test | Growing Pains Survey

Phase 2. Test | Organisational Effectiveness Survey

Phase 3. Strategy Map

Phase 1
Test | Growing Pains Survey

The survey shows that when the infrastructure and resources of a business are not sufficiently adapted to the rapid growth rate and scale of the business, measured by the dynamics and size of revenues, the business is affected by Growing Pains.

According to research conducted by Prof. E. Flamholtz, there is a strong, inversely proportional impact of Growing Pains on the company’s financial situation – high Growing Pains block the business’s ability to translate revenues into correspondingly high financial results.

Phase 2
Test | Organisational Effectiveness Survey

The Organisational Effectiveness Survey is a tool that deepens the Growing Pains Survey. If the Growing Pains® survey shows that the company is in a situation where its further development is hindered by growing pains, the Organisational Effectiveness Survey helps to identify each of the pains in detail and allows you to specify what needs to be done to break it.

The Organisational Effectiveness Survey measures whether the level of development of business systems, structures and resources supports its growth and further development.

Main objective of the survey

  • assessment of the extent to which the areas of the Pyramid are adapted to the stage of the company’s development
  • measurement of the effectiveness of functioning of these areas in the company
Phase 3
Strategy Map

Our Licensed Growing Pains Strategy® Advisors share their knowledge and experience using proven methodologies, processes and tools, supporting companies in the transformation process and Strategy Map preparation. They make it possible to change an organisation from the stage of an unstructured organisation to the one that is professionally and systemically managed.

Such process prepares the company for scalling in the upcoming 3-5 years and enables:

  • identification and removal of barriers hindering the company’s growth
  • building lasting competitive advantage on the foundation of existing resources
  • increasing the scale of the organisation’s operations
  • improving effectiveness of management
  • ensuring the company’s sustainable growth

The Strategy Map process is established within the following steps:

More about the methodology

The methodology has been improved for the last 40 years and used by the biggest global companies as well as tested on 30 000+ companies globally.

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Inventity Foundation is an independent consulting company that provides strategic, operational and technological consulting services under the GROWING PAINS STRATEGY® brand and services in the area of technology commercialisation and transfer.


Your company will get support from Advisors who have 20+ years of experience in big size companies and corporations. You’ll have their experience, knowledge and competences at your hand.

Fast bottlenecks identification

Thanks to our methodology and diagnostic processes you’ll get the diagnostics outcome and bottlenecks mapping in approx. 5 days.


We tested the Growing Pains Strategy® methodology on ~ 1 000 Polish companies. Therefore we are able to assess your Company’s bottlenecks fast and objectively and compare them to the industry you specialise in.


We know that a Strategy is just a part of success. Thanks to the know-how of our teams trained through 3000+ projects realised by us, you’ll get full strategic and implementation support.

Lower costs

Each recruitment process of a manager with 20+ years of experience requires couple of months of recruitment and payroll investment amounting to few hundreds of thousands of Polish zlotys yearly. Thanks to our support you can minimise those management payroll costs and improve simultaneously the company changes and its’ effectiveness.

We help companies for years

For more than 11 years we support Polish companies on the way of scalling their businesses. Our clients assess our services on 4.97/5.