Strategic Advisor

Joanna Rzadkowolska-Szechińska

Business development strategist and HR practices practitioner with 20+ years of experience. Certified ICC coach and trainer, active recruiter, assessor, and business mediator in commercial and employment disputes.

Speaker at Puls Biznesu events and author of numerous publications related to personal and organizational efficiency. Creator and implementer of human resource management strategies, development, optimization, restructuring, recruitment, and many other projects. Accompanies organizations in transformation and change processes, in diagnosing leadership competencies, acquiring and retaining talents, and building effective successions. Combines performance management systems with a strong commitment of people to the project.

Specializes in issues that are often called “soft”, difficult to measure, yet have a huge impact on hard economic results. Passionate about implementing a winning organizational culture that acts as a magnet attracting clients, employees, and money to the company. She believes that in times when everything can be copied, she becomes a differentiating factor that guarantees the company’s success.

Joanna is a graduate of the University of Economics and SWPS. She has always combined humanism with science, theory with practice, diversity with simplicity, disorder with harmony. A yoga and mindfulness practitioner. She is a Certified GROWING PAINS STRATEGY® Advisor.