Depending on the needs of your organization, we combine knowledge from different areas into a comprehensive development program. We diagnose needs and then propose solutions and forms of cooperation.

We can offer to achieve goals in various forms, combining them in the way chosen by you.

Transformational projects

Programs that support organizational leaders in critical turning points, such as building a new strategy, merger, restructuring, digitalization, or entering a new market, by equipping them with the knowledge and tools needed to implement changes at the level of strategy and organizational culture.


Single or recurring training sessions tailored to the company’s needs, conducted by managers in an interactive form and providing practical implementation tools.

Individual and group coaching

We incorporate coaching into the overall development program for executives or senior managers.


Thematic lectures aimed at a wide group of recipients in the company. We conduct webinars in professional recording studio and customize them to the company’s needs.

Programs dedicated to companies

At Inventity School of Business, we believe in the idea of lifelong learning. In our offer you will find business training for people with different experience: from specialists and novice managers to people at the highest management levels.

We will create a dedicated development program for your organization or offer one of two training lines: Growing Pains Certificate Program® and the Academy of Innovation Leaders.

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Tailored to specific industries and businesses

Real client examples and/or case studies referenced in appropriate situations

Teaching methods

Simulations and activities based on case studies

360° evaluation

Group coaching, team building, role-playing, online learning, and/or theatrical arts


Program tailored to various management levels

Fully adapted to employee development paths and succession plans


Trainers are experienced managers with classroom practice

Assistance in solidifying organizational culture change


Our programs guarantee practical knowledge, interesting ideas, and valuable connections among ambitious leaders.

Inventity Foundation is primarily a group of experienced entrepreneurs and advisors who share their knowledge in relation to the current market situation and specific business challenges.

Our training programs are a guarantee of practical knowledge acquisition, interesting ideas, and valuable contacts among ambitious leaders.

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Executive Education Programs

By enrolling in our Growing Pains Certificate Program®, you will embark on an organized journey through rich, inspiring, and transformative material. You will be guided by a strategic advisor who will lead you through the areas most relevant to your needs. We offer the opportunity to move through six thematic areas that address the most important aspects of a modern enterprise: Strategy, Leadership, Management, Innovation, Finance, and Organizational Culture.

We give you the flexibility to complete sessions at any time within 12 months, so you can fit it into your existing commitments. In addition to our team of experts, you will have the opportunity to meet other program participants. The program culminates with the receipt of the Growing Pains Certificate Program®.

The curriculum includes:

  • Starting workshop: Strategic Planning & Management Effectiveness
  • Three training sessions to choose from based on your interests and needs
  • Three one-on-one coaching sessions with an Advisor
  • Structured reading lists, case studies, and exercises
  • 10% discount on our products and consulting services
  • Every participant in the development program will receive a prestigious certificate

If you didn’t find an offer that interests you, we are open to preparing training solutions on other topics that interest you. Write to us and take advantage of the knowledge of experienced strategic advisors.

Combination of lectures, case studies, and individual and team assignments with a final team project to prepare participants to build a commercialization path for their own scientific venture. We will also explore how to use a financial model to maximize the financial impact of your innovation work. 

By the end of the course, you will have a better understanding of the needs of your innovation’s audience, be able to build your own financial model for a project or investment, value a startup or existing company, effectively conduct conversations with investors, and design organizational development to support the goals you have set.

The curriculum includes:

  • Strategic planning
  • Analysis and design of models
  • Financing innovation
  • Decision tree in R&D process
  • Capital acquisition and cooperation with the Investor
  • Negotiations
  • Success factors in Technology Transfer and Investment Management

Did not find an interesting offer? We are open to preparing training solutions on other topics that interest you. Write to us and benefit from the knowledge of experienced strategic advisors.