It is intended for ambitious companies that want to move from their current stage to a professionally and systematically managed organization with good financial results.

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The Growing Pains® Strategic Planning Process
  • The approach to building a Strategy Map is fundamentally different. It is based on the Organizational Development Pyramid® structure, which serves as the strategic lens for the methodology.
  • It allows for a quick diagnosis of the organization’s “maturity” level – 72 hours!
  • The planning process focuses not only on “markets” and “products” but also on planning the development of infrastructure (resources, operating systems, management systems, and organizational culture) needed to build sustainable organizational success.

This means that the strategic planning process is a comprehensive “Strategic process for planning organizational development”.

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Workshop "0"

Every company we work with operates differently. That’s why we always start the project with a “0” workshop. The result of the workshop is a detailed project plan discussed and agreed upon with the client, including the composition of the team and its role, task division and schedule, quality policy and others.

All members of the client’s team receive free copies of the book “Growing Pains: The Art of Scaling Up” during the workshop. The “0” workshop also provides an opportunity to verify the fit of the consultants at a very early stage of the cooperation.

We work in stages and in a hybrid manner.

First stage

The project is divided into three stages. The first stage is a strategic audit of the company and an analysis of the competitive environment. In this phase of the project, we act as analysts and get to know the company, dive into the data, and form hypotheses. We work in a hybrid mode – on-site with the client and online.

The areas of our work include:

  • Assessment of Growth Barriers
  • Analysis of Business Model Architecture
  • Synthesis of Competitive Environment

Second stage

This stage focuses on designing the individual Organizational Development Pyramid®. First, we approve the Business Foundation with the management, as it will be the foundation for the construction of the “target” organization. 

The audit findings develop the awareness of the advisors regarding the client’s organization maturity level, and the client’s team becomes familiar with the Growing Pains® tools. The knowledge asymmetry disappears. We become one (large) team ready for strategic workshops. During the workshops, we work together on the organization’s development plan for 3-5 years. We use a dedicated process, work cards, and canvases during the workshop.

Areas of our work include::

  • Validation of Business Foundation
  • Warsztaty strategiczne z kadrą zarządzającą
  • Strategic workshops with the management team
  • Designing strategic goals
  • Preparation for operationalization

Third stage

This is managing the implementation of the agreed strategy. We support clients in three models of cooperation – from managing the entire project portfolio (PMO), through expert-specialist work, to the role of Interim Manager.

Our experience from successfully completing over 3000 projects indicates the very high usefulness of an external advisor in the effective operationalization of the strategy.