Hire experienced managers from our network of advisors and grow your business

If you lack managerial staff and there aren’t many qualified practitioners available on the market, we can offer you experienced managers from our Licensed Advisory Network tailored to your business needs.

Thanks to our support, you will avoid time-consuming searches and a complicated recruitment process, and a permanent role in the company may be unnecessary. By combining a proven methodology and experienced managers, we can help you shorten this process from several months to just a few days.

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Speed and Effectiveness

We provide quick access to specialized knowledge or change management skills that your company needs.

The fast process of analyzing the situation and recommending the best solution, thanks to proven methodology and experienced managers, allows for the implementation of a solution within a specific time frame, with a predetermined business outcome.

The process of hiring a suitably qualified specialist is even more costly the higher the position we want to fill. Interim management will allow you to minimize costs, bureaucracy, and long-term commitments.

An interim manager or an entire team is on-site with the client within a few days.

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the average number of days it takes Inventity to present suitable advisor profiles


of orders are served


of set goals are achieved – on time and within budget


up to threefold time savings


Operational excellence can be a source of competitive advantage

We combine managers with specialized industry and operational knowledge with a proven methodology for strategic planning to accelerate the achievement of ambitious results.

We get to know each other!

Each project starts with a free consultation with an advisor. We get to know the company and its needs. We agree on the terms of cooperation and the work schedule.

We set a goal

Based on the client’s brief and audit findings, we refine the goal and timeline of the project, agree on the profile of the necessary competencies, the scope of tasks, and the mode of interim manager’s work.Together, we establish the conditions that must be met for the projects to be completed within a specified time and at the appropriate level. We also define the criteria for project acceptance in terms of quality and satisfaction of cooperation.

We take action

If possible, we prefer to work four days a week – but across the country, both on-site and online! This allows our advisors to maintain a good work-life balance, which translates into greater power in daily activities.


Functions and areas of operation of an interim manager

  • Responsibility for the implementation of the entire strategy
  • Responsibility and decision-making power regarding the budget for the implemented strategy
  • Supervision over a part of the portfolio of implemented initiatives
  • Responsibility for managing a specific project and team
  • Monitoring the progress of work and, in case of significant deviations from the plan, suggesting and implementing changes.
  • Temporary CEO
  • Temporary CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
  • Temporary CDO (Chief Digital Officer)
  • Temporary COO (Chief Operating Officer)
  • Temporary Plant Manager
  • Temporary Production Manager
  • Temporary Quality Director
  • Temporary HR Director
  • Temporary Director of Procurement
  • Temporary Logistics Director
  • Temporary Project Manager
  • Temporary Sales Director
  • Crisis management
  • Restructuring management
  • Implementation of development strategy management
  • Digital transformation
  • Internationalization and business development
  • Innovation management
  • Performance improvement
  • Integration after acquisition
  • Critical situations caused by COVID19
  • Project management
  • Change leadership
  • ERP system implementation
  • And much more

Collaboration for excellence

The successful completion of several thousand projects has allowed Inventity to gather significant knowledge about project management and change management. The source of this knowledge lies in good three-way collaboration between the client, the interim manager, and the coordinator from Inventity.

Get to know our principles of cooperation.