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and social standards commitment

We have been operating since 2010 as a not-for-profit foundation, whose founder was the Polish Investment Fund and partners, who to this day are responsible for the company’s business success. We have offices in Warsaw and Gdańsk, where we run a Shared Services Center. We are an organization guided by values and work on meeting the highest professional standards and building social trust.

We promote knowledge in areas that are crucial for society. We have published three books on strategic organizational development, trained 400 scientific employees, and produced ten films on successful technology commercialization.

Our mentor and business partner is Prof. Eric Flamholtz – an outstanding lecturer from the UCLA Anderson School of Management in Los Angeles. Our cooperation has resulted in the introduction of the GROWING PAINS STRATEGY® methodology for scaling companies in Poland.


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The foundation of Inventity's existence is to help ambitious organizations

We help ambitious organizations establish bold strategies, unleash the potential of their employees, and introduce innovations in a sustainable way. We believe that for all entrepreneurs to thrive, economies must develop. Today, a new era of growth is possible; one that does not treat growth and positive social impact as opposing forces.


We challenge standard thinking patterns

We always strive to find a new perspective in the field of consulting and business. We constructively challenge standard thinking patterns and provide clients with innovative solutions in the areas of transformation management and sustainable development.See our guiding principles, on which we base our long-term strategy, as well as the way, we work with clients.


Our advantage lies in practitioner-managers

As one of the few consulting firms in Poland, we can boast a team of experienced managers with expert competencies in many industries.


Unique and effective methodology for building organizational strategies

As the only ones in Poland, we show how to develop and scale companies with the GROWING PAINS STRATEGY® methodology.

This approach has ensured stable development for many companies around the world over the past 40 years, including Starbucks, Mövenpick, PIMCO, Allianz, IBM, and many smaller organizations.

We have adapted this methodology to Polish conditions. In Poland, it is used by computer game producers, media, IT, medical, commercial, logistics, energy, manufacturing, construction, non-governmental organizations, and many others.



Our overriding objective is excellence, or more precisely, constant improvement at Inventity.

First and foremost, we want to have a culture of excellence that results in a superb and constantly improving company in all respects.

When thinking about who should work at Inventity, we are far more interested in people’s values than their skills. We want people who are driven to produce excellence and will fight for truth -at all cost! We don’t want people who are preliminary interested in making heaps of money. For us, making money is a consequence of what we do. It is not a goal in itself.

We believe that culture is even more important than people. With the right culture, you will attract and retain the right people, without it, you won’t. For the company to be successful every area of the company must work very well; if one area fails, the system breaks down. As the saying goes, we are as strong as our weakest link, and this is why the individual must recognize his or her importance and obligations to the whole organization.

Extreme openness enhances truthfulness. The integrity of our process depends on open, honest, and logical people debating with each other in pursuit of excellence. Criticism is welcomed openly at every level of the firm. Therefore, we like conflict; criticism (by oneself and by others) is an essential ingredient in the improvement process. Criticism is identifying problems. Identifying problems is essential to improvement. The biggest hindrance to improvement in most companies is that people tend to tie their egos to problems and, as a result, are reluctant to identify and talk openly about their problems.

Mistakes are good things – if we learn from them and improve. What matters most is how people deal with them. If they objectively diagnose mistakes and establish ways of not repeating them, that’s great. If they avoid facing up to them and don’t alter what they are doing, this is unacceptable.

As a corollary, substandard performance cannot be tolerated anywhere in the company because it would hurt everyone. Poor performance and/or uncooperative attitudes undermine the team. One of the most difficult responsibilities a team leader has is to cut poor performers, particularly those who are trying but don’t have the ability. This is often perceived harsh or unkind, but it is ultimately best for everyone, including the person who is being cut. The philosophy of Inventity is such that individuals are held to the highest possible standards, and the goal is to get people to achieve far beyond their previous standards and expectations.

Our overriding objective is excellence and constant improvement at Inventity. To be clear, it is not to make lots of money. If faced with the choice between pursuing excellence and making lots of money, we’d choose excellence, though they are integrally tied (not only does the culture produce financial success, but financial success provides the resources to pursue excellence).

Possessing doesn’t bring happiness; the pursuit of excellence does. There is a clear correlation between pursuing excellence and achieving happiness. For us “success” means to pursue excellence for the benefit of all.

We aim for more

Innovation Center

We are an accredited Innovation Center by the Ministry of Development and Technology, which allows us to provide subsidized advisory services in the areas of strategy, technology transfer, and innovation creation.

Technology brokering

Under the patronage of the Ministry of Science, we are developing Technology Brokering – commercial cooperation between science and business.

Quality Management System

We have an ISO 9001:2005 Quality Management System for conducting business advisory and training services.

Employer of Tomorrow 2021

Our Train the Trainers initiative was honored with the Employer of Tomorrow title in the Mature Competencies category for micro and small businesses in a competition organized by PARP.

Best Investment in Europe

We received the Impact Investment of the Year award from EBAN.

Discover our story


The Polish Investment Fund is being established.


First exit x51 cash-on-cash.


The Inventity Foundation (originally the Polish Investment Foundation) is established.


Launch of two technology incubators, commencement of construction of the Technology Park.


Award for the best investment in Europe (Impact Investment of the Year).


Cooperation with Management Systems Consulting Corporation as an exclusive partner for Poland.


Launch of the VC Investors for Invention fund (15 capital investments).


“Growing Pains” survey of 685 Polish companies.


Publication of the book “Growing Pains. Building Sustainably Successful Organizations.


Accreditation of the Innovation Center.


Establishment of the Technology Brokering Center – cooperation with the Ministry of Science.


Growing Pains Strategy® methodology on the MBA program.


Conference-debate Growing Pains Tech Innovation Week.


Accreditation of the Innovation Center – Business Environment Institution.


Publication of the book “Champions of Business. A strategy for the lasting success of family businesses” in cooperation with Stanford University.


Winning the title of “Employer of Tomorrow 2021” in a competition organized by PARP.


We have built an ESG strategy for the largest industrial company in Poland: the PGE Group


Release of the book “Growth Challenges: How to Build a Sustainable Winning Organization”