Strategic Advisor

Łukasz Nowacki

Entrepreneur, manager, mentor, Agile Coach, practitioner. Certified Program Manager, Scrum Master, and Project Manager.

As Chief Delivery Officer at Neoteric, a Gdańsk-based company specializing in designing and building digital products, he gained practical knowledge of organizational development by observing the company grow from 5 to nearly 100 people and participating in implementing changes resulting from this growth. He conducted workshops related to the implementation of modern technologies, introducing new services and products to the market, analysis and requirements engineering, as well as the implementation of artificial intelligence. He advised investment funds on new technologies. He also gained experience by building a call center from scratch for ING. Łukasz also participated in acceleration programs, where he mentored startups from Argentina, Chile, Estonia, India, Ukraine, and Armenia in building efficient management and organizational culture. Łukasz has extensive knowledge in the areas of IT project design, planning, management, and implementation.

He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Software Development Association Poland, a member of the Board of the Polish Bitcoin Association, a member of the Intelligent Specializations of Pomerania ISP2 Council, and a former member of the National Cluster of Key ICT Interizon. He specializes in topics related to improving management quality and developing leadership skills.

He is a Certified GROWING PAINS STRATEGY® Advisor.