Strategic Advisor

Andrzej Serewko

An experienced manager with over twenty years of experience in high management positions. He worked for over 30 years at Hewlett-Packard Polska, including 10 years as Service Director for Operations, managing a team of over 300 people, and 10 years leading an international service team, being responsible for the CERTA region (Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Turkey, Africa and Middle East). 

He has extensive experience in managing large organizations, including international ones, and in particular in introducing changes and reorganizations aimed at increasing profitability as well as increasing the quality of services provided. 

His high managerial competences are supported by intensive Leadership training programs at Hewlett-Packard focused on achieving business goals while building and cultivating organizational culture at the highest level. 

Andrzej obtained a master’s degree in engineering from the Lublin University of Technology and a “Diploma in Management” from the Lublin Business School & University of Lancashire. 

He is a Certified GROWING PAINS STRATEGY® Advisor.