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Inventity Foundation is an independent consulting company that provides strategic, operational and technological consulting services under the GROWING PAINS STRATEGY® brand and services in the area of technology commercialisation and transfer.

We have been operating since 2010 as a not-for-profit foundation funded by Polish Investment Fund and partners who are responsible for the overall development and business success of the company to this day.

We are Poles by origin, Europeans by nature and global by ambitions, also with strong relations with the US. Our mentor and business partner is Prof. Eric Flamholtz – an outstanding lecturer at the UCLA Anderson School of Management in Los Angeles. Our cooperation resulted in the introduction to Poland of the GROWING PAINS® business scaling methodology.

Network of Advisors
We have always sought a different perspective

We have always sought a different perspective in the field of consultancy and business. We continue to constructively challenge standard thinking patterns and provide clients with new solutions in the area of change and transformation management.

We are developing the GROWING PAINS STRATEGY® licensed network of advisors – a team of experienced advisors and experts who share their knowledge and experience so that Polish companies can grow and scale their business and the Polish economy develop thanks to technological innovations.


We combine solid analysis with creative strategies that generate real and lasting value for our clients. We have become a long-term advisor to Polish and international industrial and service companies as well as public institutions in Poland and abroad.

Force of change
Be ready and agile

We live in an unstable, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. A technological and sociological revolution is underway, due to the acceleration of the availability of new technologies, but also due to the growing expectations of consumers as to the immediate and continuous availability of services.

Technology is becoming more readily accessible, enabling companies to design and manufacture at very low costs. Data is becoming the new oil of the economy. Capital has become available, cheap and easier to transfer. Transaction costs have fallen below zero. Intelligent business management has gained importance. As a result, the world has become global and flat, generating more business opportunities, but also increased competition.

Forecasting has become almost impossible in this environment – the change is no longer linear but exponential. Due to these new paradigms, Polish companies must prepare to face uncertainty. They must be ready and agile. Size and volume, as winning parameters, have been replaced by speed and flexibility; forming partnerships and alliances has become crucial.

GROWING PAINS® – Your key to growing your business

As the only company in Poland we show how to develop and scale your business by the GROWING PAINS© methodology. It allows you to create strategic planning processes in an organisation and develop effectiveness management, which is a source of long-term growth of the company and improvement of financial results.

This approach has ensured the success of many companies around the world, including Starbucks, Mövenpick, PIMCO, Allianz, IBM and many smaller technology companies.

We have adapted this methodology to Polish conditions. In Poland, it is used by computer game producers, media, IT, logistics, construction companies and many others.

We reach for more
Business Environment

We are an Innovation Centre accredited by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology which allows us to provide support in the field of strategy, technology transfer and creating innovation supported by public funds.

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Under the patronage of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, we are developing Innovation Brokering – commercial cooperation between science and business.

Quality Management

We have a Quality Management System ISO 9001:2005 to conduct business in the field of: Business consultancy and training services.

Our timeline

PIF is established


first exit x51 cash-on-cash


Inventity Foundation is established (originally Polska Fundacja Inwestycji)


launch of two technology incubators, start of construction of the Technology Park


award for the best investment in Europe (Impact Investment of the Year)


cooperation with Management Systems Consulting Corporation as the sole partner in Poland


launch of the VC Investors for Invention Fund (15 capital investments)


Growing Pains survey of 685 Polish companies


publication of the book “Growing Pains. Sztuka skalowania przedsiębiorstw”


obtaining the Innovation Centre’s accreditation


establishment of the Technology Brokering Centre – cooperation with the Ministry of Science


Growing Pains® methodology on the MBA programme


Growing Pains Tech Innovation Week conference-debate (“Barriers to Science-Business Cooperation” survey, training of nearly 400 researchers in commercialisation strategies)


Innovation Centre’s accreditation – Business Environment Institution


publication of the book “Czempiony Biznesu. Strategia trwałego sukcesu firm rodzinnych” (en. “Building Family Business Champions”) in cooperation with Stanford University


Winning the title of “Employer of Tomorrow 2021” in a competition organized by PARP, with the initiative Train the Trainers – Training and Certification with the Growing Pains Strategy® method.